March 8, 2017

Actions and Outcomes

The Sustaining Campus and Community Dialogue Series from 2012-2014 led to various outcomes and efforts of the community to make change. Videos of the participants from the dialogues can be viewed below. A Flicker page documenting the dialogues and community initiatives and a Sustaining Campus and Community in Frostburg Facebook page were also outcomes (click on links below).


Mayor Robert Flanigan
Frostburg, Maryland –
City Mayor
(Watch Video)
Dr. Terri Massie-Burrell
Frostburg State University – Assistant Provost for Student Success & Retention
(Watch Video)
Dr. Jonathan Gibralter
Frostburg State University – President
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  FSU Student Interviews
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 jerilynJerilyn Jackson
Mountainside Community
Mediation Center –
Former Program Coordinator Frostburg State University Alumna and Frostburg Resident
(Watch Video)
 ginaGina Angiola
Frostburg Property Manager
(Watch Video)
 smithChief Cynthia Smith
Frostburg State University – Chief of University Police
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 dukesDr. Frank Dukes
University of Virginia – Director of the Institute for Environmental Negotiation
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 marvinDr. Marvin Johnson
Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution – Founder and Executive Director
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